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360° Methodology

We utilize a unique methodology to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and success.

A CPM implementation is all about the financial and supplemental data results that flow through the platform. Our 360° Collaboration Methodology was created specifically to address this uniqueness.

We’ve taken the best of many project management frameworks to create an agile approach to project management that successfully completes projects on time, on budget and with the right results. Critical project success factors include:

  • Objectives & Scope
    • Why we are launching this project?
    • What defines project success?
    • What are we building?
  • Timeline & Resources
    • When do we want to go live?
    • What skills do we need on our team?
    • How much time can they participate?
  • Budget & Communication
    • What is our budget?
    • How will we monitor our progress?
    • How do we communicate status?
  • Quality & Risks
    • How do we monitor work quality?
    • How do we identify and evaluate risk?
    • How do we manage and mitigate risk?
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