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CompIntelligence is an extension of OneStream’s training department. We offer live, public classroom training as well as virtual attendance options in OneStream’s administrator and advanced classes.

If you have 4+ employees looking to attend, we can provide private training at your office location or virtually for your company.

Custom Training

Our custom training offerings merge our 30+ years of CPM implementation experience with our learning and development methodology to deliver training based specifically on your application, data and processes for every member of your OneStream user community across the globe.

Custom Training

“First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for your time this week. I think this was one of the most helpful trainings we’ve had on any new system since I’ve been at AmTrust. Thank you!”
—Vlad Pachashynskyy, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

“Wayne was absolutely fantastic. He had a great pace, kept things interesting with humor, and carried the content well. I like how he went over the best way to ‘design’ cube views & dashboards so they are reusable versus just repeating feature/function.”
—Level 2 Reporting Class Attendee

“Stephen is an amazing instructor! He shared relevant examples and the way he explained the content helped to clarify concepts that I previously found to be a bit unclear.”
—Power User Reporting Attendee

“Randy did a fantastic job and the theory was well integrated into the exercises. I learned a lot. Great class!”
—Level 2 Planning Class Attendee

“Cathie was great. We want to have her come on site and train the rest of our group!”
—Application Build for Administrators Class Attendee

“Kevin is a great teacher. He explained what we were going to do next, so I knew the process and the ‘why’. His field experience is very nice to leverage from; he shared quite some information and best practices outside of the course material (e.g. business rules). Kevin is extremely friendly and helpful, always patient and gives good vibes to the class.”
—Class Attendee

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