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Premier CPM Training Created By OneStream’s First Authorized Training Partner

CompIntelligence offers a full curriculum of custom training courses that will best serve the needs of your users no matter their role. Every custom training course is designed to reflect the unique characteristics of your OneStream application and data, and to prepare your users to successfully use OneStream on day one.

Ensure the right people are trained in the right tasks at the right time

The objective of custom training is to ensure that end users are trained in the activities they will perform in their jobs. Conducting training in a just-in-time fashion enables users to absorb the content, learn the skills and execute those skills within a time-critical framework.

Create competent and confident users

Providing a customized training approach enables users to perform their tasks on day one and retain a comprehensive set of materials to reference after Go Live. Maximize the return on your investment through successful user adoption of the software.

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