Support Services

Whether an administrator quit in the middle of your close, fell ill, or you simply need an extra hand, CompIntelligence helps you mitigate risk and keep your business running.


Managed Services offers a flexible approach to ongoing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) administration and support needs. The Managed Services model enables you to outsource as many or as few system administration and management tasks as needed. CompIntelligence will coordinate with both the internal resources and external teams involved in your CPM management needs, and work to intimately understand your applications and processes.



  1.  On-site or remote support for finance and end users globally
  2.   Complete support during monthly and quarterly close cycles
  3.   Ongoing maintenance, including metadata and reporting changes
  4.   Major application modifications (acquisitions, divestitures, KPI changes, etc.)
  5.   Application troubleshooting fixes
  1.   Mitigate risk to the business’ operations
  2. ■  On-site or remote presence for planned or unplanned absences
  3.   Standard application administration tasks
  4.   Client-side administration tasks
  1.   Hourly support to enhance/maintain your application
  2. ■  Perform complex tasks requiring advanced or specialized knowledge, e.g., Business Rules, Thing Planning, Tax Provisioning, Account Reconciliation.
  1.   Installation and configuration of CPM/EPM environments
  2. ■  Installation of framework and application patches
  3.   Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning3
  1.   Application review – review all application-related components, (business rules, transformation rules, metadata, security, etc.) to find areas of improvement to maximize application performance.
  2.   Infrastructure review – monitor hardware and software performance, review and document hardware footprint, make and implement recommendations to increase hardware performance
  3.   Data Integration – create connections to your source systems for automated data feeds to your CPM applications.
  4.   Build new functionality into your CPM application

Staff Augmentation

CPM systems require a skillset that can be difficult to find. Our placement specialists understand the combination of finance and technology skills needed to succeed. If you need temporary, experienced staff, CompIntelligence can help recruit and screen talent to help augment your team

You may need a temporary team member in instances of:

  • Sudden loss of an administrator

  • Leave of absence

  • Maternity or family leave

  • Support for monthly or quarterly close

  • Assistance in data reconciliation

  • Help with report writing

Sample Positions we have filled include:

  • Sr. Analyst, Financial Reporting and Systems

  • Sr. Analyst, Financial Reporting and Systems

  • Director, Financial Systems

  • Financial Systems Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Manager, Hyperion Applications

  • Hyperion Financial Analyst

  • Hyperion Financial Management Administrator

  • Hyperion Financial Management Administrator

  • Hyperion EPM Administrator (All Hyperion Products)

  • Hyperion Planning Administrator

Application and Process Review

Performance management environments are complex and reach far beyond the office of finance. CompIntelligence assists clients in reviewing their applications, processes, and environments to ensure that they are operating optimally.


We perform a thorough evaluation of your application and processes and provide you with recommendations focused on improving efficiency and performance. We will also review your environment footprint and design and perform testing to ensure your solution is at optimal performance.



Our Clients: