Corporate Clients

At CompIntelligence, we understand the unique skills required to succeed in equity plan administration, and we leverage our network to match top candidates with leading organizations. Whether you’re looking to fill a role, or looking for a change in your career, we’re here to help.

Co-Employment Plus

Co-Employment Plus from CompIntelligence offers all the benefits of hiring a full-time employee with added features, minimized risk, and no added financial investment. Co-Employment Plus provides continuity and oversight in your equity plan department and eliminates the need to continuously recruit, hire and train new employees.


  • Hiring: Utilizing our qualified network of stock plan professionals, we’ll work with you to screen and hire the right candidate. You’ll be involved in the candidate selection process, without any recruitment or placement fee.
  • Oversight: Your new hire will receive senior-level oversight and training from CompIntelligence, reducing ramp-up time and freeing up your staff. Backup coverage is available during vacations, sick days, or extended leaves.
  • Payroll & Benefits Advantages: While your new hire is a part of your team, CompIntelligence handles payroll, benefits, and PTO so you can enjoy time and cost savings.


Permanent Placement

Even in the best circumstances, finding qualified employees can be time-consuming and costly. CompIntelligence has deep experience in equity compensation, and utilizes our extensive network to find you the right candidates.


We utilize our nationwide network to recruit candidates that match your qualifications. CompIntelligence will pre-screen all candidates, submit them for your review, and facilitate your internal review process.



For Job Seekers

No matter what you are looking for as your next step in your stock plan career, we will help get you there. We fill open positions both internally at CompIntelligence and with external clients. We provide direct hires, temp-to-perm solutions, and interim staffing assignments. Best of all, we provide this to the candidates in our network for FREE!


We have the most extensive network of stock plan professionals in the industry—and we’d love to add you to it.

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