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CompXchange™ Technology Solutions

CompIntelligence combines industry know-how with technology solutions that maximize efficiency and accuracy. At the core of these solutions is CompXchange, our systems integration engine, which works with all stock plan industry systems and data sources.

Our flexible, pre-built solutions include:

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CompXchange™ Implementation

In the CompXchange implementation, we use a 3-step process to solve your workflow challenges. Our team starts by analyzing your current workflows with you to identify areas that can be drastically simplified. We then apply technology that enables integration, automation, data migration, and data governance. Most customers are able to take processes that take days or weeks to complete and shorten them to just minutes using CompXchange.

  1. Identify Workflow Challenge
    • Communications
    • System Shortcomings
    • Specialized Equity Types
    • Specialized Tax Situations
    • Disparate Systems
    • Manual Forms
    • Manual Data Manipulation
    • Auditing for Data Accuracy
    • Missing Key Events
    • Data Formatting
    • Data Volume
    • Specialized File Formats
  2. Define CompXchange Workflow Solution
    • Review your data
    • Utilize stock plan expertise and system knowledge to create a custom solution to any workflow challenge
  3. Apply Technology & Produce Custom Output
    • Data mapping technology produces custom outputs, including:
    • Excel Files
    • Word Documents
    • PDF Files
    • Audit Reports
    • Customized Emails
    • Board Memos
    • Flat Files
    • Payroll System File
    • Stock Plan System Files & Outputs

Over the past 15+ years, the CompXchange technology solutions we’ve built have been based on real-world needs of our clients. Our hands-on approach helps you identify the type of challenge you’re facing and creates a solution to solve your challenge – no matter how large or small.

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