1. Case Study: Unified & Efficient Platform to Better Manage Consolidation & Financial Planning

  2. Client: Large Private Home Builder

    Shea Homes selected CompIntelligence as their OneStream implementation partner after recognizing the need for a more unified and efficient platform to better manage consolidation and financial planning. Since implementation of both features, Shea Homes experienced many improvements including elimination of multiple platforms, automation of manual workarounds and reconciliations, and increased transparency of data and financial reporting.

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  1. Case Study: Improved Processes for Consolidations, Budgeting, Planning & More


  2. Client: Financial Solutions

    Antares selected CompIntelligence as their OneStream implementation partner after recognizing their need for a tool that could calculate loan-specific properties and balances of the financial statements, and the need for improved executive reporting. Additionally, they were looking to improve their processes when it came to consolidations, budgeting, planning, and more. Antares has experienced many improvements including the ability to quickly and accurately calculate and report on items that previously took days or hours to complete.
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  1. CompIntelligence has been providing us with outstanding client services for many years in supporting our Hyperion systems. They are all wonderful people with exceptional skills who really care about their clients and do whatever it takes to keep them happy. Any company would be lucky to have them on their team!
  3. Lauren Winston, CPA
    Assistant Controller
    Brookfield Office Properties
  1. CompIntelligence’s approach is not a “cookie cutter approach”; they sit with you and formulate a strategy that is specific to your requirements. Their careful attention to detail, and guided approach, is something that I cannot put a price on
  3. Tammy Lassiter CPA | Controller
    Axel Johnson Inc.

  1. Amazing; a proper blend of IT and Finance; therefore I was able to follow both the book and the instructor.
  3. HFM Admin Class Student

  1. I got great insight into HFM and was able to follow along. The instructor was exceptional with explanations and answered all of my numerous questions accurately, and also at a level I could understand. The student guide was easy to comprehend. Overall, it was a great course. Thanks CompIntelligence!
  3. HFM Admin Class Student

  1. The instructor is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and brought in experience from his past work experience. He is pleasant to talk to and approachable. He’s interested in the subject matter and provides both technical knowledge of the material and some real world experiences.
  3. Essbase Admin Class Student

  1. He was more than an excellent instructor. We had the advantage of having a small class so we got individualized help, and as an added bonus he helped us with our own Rules from our production applications.
  3. Creating Classic HFM Rules Class Participant

  1. The instructor is very knowledgeable. He went into the why/how of things. He took the time to make sure my questions were fully answered and welcomed follow ups. I was taking the course remotely but he made sure I was involved and following. Great guy!
  3. Hyperion Planning Administration Class Student

  1. A very good course. There was a lot of information about the changes from FDM to FDMEE. The instructor was knowledgeable and was very helpful in answering our questions.
  3. FDMEE Admin Class Student


  1. Transform your Financial Reporting with OneStream
  3. We will share how Antares was able to replace their manual Excel-based processes with automated, efficient solutions. This resulted in significant time savings and improved visibility and accuracy of their data. With help from implementation partner CompIntelligence, Antares was ultimately able to develop a true single-source platform built to brow with the needs of the organization.

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  1. Home Builders Webinar
  2. CompIntelligence shares the story of the Shea Homes OneStream implementation, which has:
  3.  Improved their consolidation and forecast processes
  4.  Streamlined their workflow and data collection
  5.  Provided enhanced reporting
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  1. Cash Flow Made Easy in HFM
  2. The best HFM applications have the least amount of rules. Learn how to create virtually maintenance free cash flow within HFM while providing complete audit and visibility into every number and allow for ease of adjustments and topsides. This design simplifies the most complex cash flow reporting with a minimal rule set that does not need to be touched again. Join one of our premier rules experts and design leads in he world to learn how to implement this approach and satisfy the most ardent demands for flexibility and transparency in your cash flow reporting at all levels of your organization.
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