Equity Compensation

Technical Services


CompIntelligence offers a unique balance of technology and stock plan needs for every client.

Our One-of-a-Kind Approach

Technology services and products, subject matter expertise, and resources – no other stock plan services team delivers this combination of products and services.
  1. System Integration & Process Improvement

  2. CompIntelligence combines industry know-how with technology solutions that maximize efficiency and accuracy. At the core of these solutions is CompXchange, our systems integration engine, which works with all stock plan industry systems and data sources.
  1. Automation Review

  2. Looking to eliminate time-consuming manual processes from your day-to-day routine? Our automation review services help you identify inefficiencies and strategize the best ways to replace manual tasks with automated processes that save you time and improve accuracy.

    Automation doesn’t need to be costly or take months to implement. Our team works with you to identify bottlenecks, and incorporates automation into your business to eliminate pain points. Whether implementing CompXchange or reviewing existing automation tools you have in place, we’ll make sure you’re set up to maximize productivity.

  1. Report Building

    Data is consolidated and formatted from multiple sources and formats and refreshed nightly or on-demand, so you can have the peace of mind knowing your data is up to date. CompReporting generates the report, with options to create separate PDF file for each statement, or a single PDF file containing all statements. Administrators can then distribute statements to employees.


  2. Report Distribution

    Using the email functionality of CompReporting, administrators can email statements to employees with little effort. Emails are entirely customizable, from the sender name/email address to subject line, messaging, branding, and design.

    Common reports created with CompReporting include:

    •   Total Rewards Report
    •   Total Equity Report
    •   Confirmations
    •   Year-end Tax Summary
    •   6039 Compliance
    •   Equity Excel Calculator
    •   New Award Letter
  1. Custom websites empower your employees to easily manage their equity plans through a user-friendly interface and streamlines the process of reviews and elections for your team.


  3.   Review/accept grants
  4.   Review/print confirmation statements
  5.   Review/print year-end tax information
  6.   Election portals – for tender offer or other one-time events needing employees to take action.

Custom Development

“Off the shelf” systems rarely meet the needs of everyone in an organization. CompIntelligence has years of experience building custom programs to supplement your stock plan administration system. Our developers have worked with all leading stock plan administration systems to create innovative solutions that your current program/provider may not be able to provide.

With industry specific experience, our team works with you to understand your requirements and develops a design specification that meets your needs. Our development team has a strong history in developing custom solutions for leading stock plan administration software systems, while staying current with the latest technology and best practices in software development.

Common custom solutions include:

  • Administration system for tracking and reporting on employee incentive plans
  • Broker interfaces
  • Delivery and approval for grants and other documentation
  • Interfaces for automation between systems and outside data sources
  • Process automation


CompIntelligence brings you the most complete solution for 6039 compliance services. Our 6039 solutions offer you a secure, full-service outsourced solution for filing your 6039 employee statements (Forms 3921 and 3922), IRS filing, and a website for employees as part of the standard solution.


We will work with you to obtain the required data files and will do the rest for you. What sets us apart is that we also provide web access to all participants as part of our standard solution, so they can view their statements online. The self-serve website allows employees to log in and view/print/save their statements.


Our standard solution includes:

  • Participant Statements: Creation of the 3921 (ISO) and 3922 (ESPP) forms for employees.
  • Fulfillment: Printing/mailing of participant statements with cover letter, FAQ, etc.
  • IRS File: Creation of the IRS file in the required formats and filing on the IRS’s FIRE system.
  • Audit Package: Includes a PDF version of participant statements, IRS files, and all confirmations.